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The Top 10 Trading Books of All Time

By February 8, 2017Investing, Trading

Check out this 15-minute video on my top 10 trading books of all time:

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Hey traders of the world, what’s going on? It’s your boy Jerremy Alexander Newsome with Real Life Trading here with just a quick investing shortcut. I hope you’re doing fantastic wherever you might be watching this video.

So this video entitled “The Top 10 Trading Books of All Time” is a pretty hefty thing to talk about. Here’s the funny thing. If you google the top 10 trading books of all time, you actually will get some great books. I’m going to walk through some of these and just give you my suggestions.

So one of the most popular books – and there are some books that are not on here by the way I’ll be talking about those in a second – is anything written by Jack Schwager is a must read.

“Market Wizards” probably one of the more known or talked about or read stock market book that is out there. Very popular, I do recommend it. It’s a solid book with a lot of interviews with top traders. It goes over questions and answers.

“Reminisces of a Stock Operator” is also a good one. A little detailed but good. “Trading in the Zone” by Mark Douglas definitely should be on the list. It’s a very good book to learn from about how you can control the mental aspects of the game. So what you’re looking for is really trying to get to all that kind of good stuff.

Again, Jack Schwager is going to come up a lot, so these books would be definitely the top two. This is one I would recommend for sure. If you get a chance to check that one out.

“Trading for a Living” by Dr. Alexander Elder is a good solid read, so that would be definitely on the list. So here’s “Liar’s Poker” by Michael Lewis. Michael Lewis also the same gentleman who wrote “Flash Boys” and “The Big Short”. So both of those are going to be some really good suggestions. “The Play Book” is a solid book as well.

I also recommend “The Trading Book” by Ann-Marie Baiynd. You can also visit She’s very detailed, very analytical, very math oriented type of trader. I’ll recommend that website as far as getting a book.

Anything by Steve Burns. He’s a great author. This guy cranked out content like you would not believe. He writes a book per day. I have not read all of these. You’re welcome to read through some of these like “The Buy and Sell Signals”, “Trading Habits”, and “Moving Averages.”

He actually lives here in Nashville, Tennessee. I haven’t got a chance to meet him yet. I definitely asked for the opportunity but hasn’t happened. But anyway, anything written by Steve Burns.

Another good suggestion would be Michael Thomsett who also lives here in Nashville, Tennessee, and I have met this gentleman. Michael Thomsett is one of the most selling options author out there regarding learning how to trade options. So”Making Money with Option Strategies”, one of his big take away books I would recommend as well.

“Options for Swing Trading” is another solid one. That one’s a little bit more expensive but another big read in the options world. Those are just two traders who live here in Nashville who’ve written books regarding some other specific, more generalist stock market viewpoint.

“Money Master the Game” by Tony Robbins is not really a stock market book so to speak. It does follow a lot of the stock market but it’s not going to be just the stock market. Also focusing on budgeting, finance, saving, good investment vehicles, I mean great book. He has interviews with Warren Buffet, Paul Tudor Jones, and T. Boone Pickens. I mean we’re talking a lot of really high-hitting interviews in that book as well. I would recommend that for almost anyone regardless of the stock market.

“Where Are the Customers’ Yachts? A Good Hard Look at Wall Street” is a solid book, a classic. It has been recopied, re-edited, re-publicized. Everyone in the world has read that book at one point or another. If you haven’t I would suggest snagging it and giving it a good read.

So I do get asked pretty often what are the top 10 books I’d recommend for trading and these are it. I don’t get paid to make these recommendations. This is just kind of my opinion. If you think you have any other books or suggestions for me|that I might not have read or that other people might not have read, feel free to leave them in either the comments section below or you can email them to me

You can find Real Life Trading on Facebook as well. I’m also on LinkedIn. We’re pretty much everywhere|and so however you want to get in contact with me.So anyway, thanks so much for watching this video. Hope it was helpful. I know it was quick but you guys rock.

If you want to lead, you must read. If you want to succeed, you must read. Reading, my friends, is the key. If you ask any person who has a lot of money, or you would say or claim to|be successful in any facet, one of the things that he will tell you is read more.

You  get just the best of the best of that person’s mind without any of the rumbling and without any of the website sales pitches. It’s just you buy the book, you get it, it’s yours. You don’t get bombarded. You can read it whenever you want, wherever you’re going. Anyway, that’s just my thought. You get the benefits of book.

If you want to to make more money in 2017, 2018 and the future years, read more books and you’ll be making more money. That’s a very strong correlation. Take me up on that. Get back to me and let me know how it worked out for you, all right? You guys rock. Thanks for watching.

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