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A New Tool to Help You Compare Brokers Accurately


While trading or investing is capitalism at its finest, there are expenses that impact returns. The one hard cost, though much lower than in the past, is brokerage commission.

Who you choose to trade needs to be more than just a financial decision. The tools and support provided by brokers can be invaluable and much more appreciated than a dollar per trade less rate.



The website Trade Comparison does a thorough brokerage breakdown for stock and option traders both big and small by comparing online brokers, both in price and platform features.  A comprehensive breakdown shows trading costs for stock and option investors. They also feature some pre-negotiated commission deals to save you money.

Video comparisons offer detailed walk-throughs showing how to search for a ticker and how to place a trade.  This look into their platform eliminates lets you see functionality for yourself.

What’s so great about Trade Comparison is that it brings all of the brokerage players together in one place.  Shop and compare price and value in one stop without visiting dozens of brokerage websites.

As an added bonus, tools like Trade Comparison might encourage a broker to give you an even better deal hoping to get you to move more of your other business to them.

Go ahead, give it a try and see what you think.


Alan Knuckman

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