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Take Advantage of These Investment Opportunities in 2018

By February 12, 2018Trading

No matter who you voted for, the U.S. economy’s growth offers many investment opportunities. In other words, it’s the right time to take advantage of the various opportunities to help you earn more. Not only are there more jobs, but companies are heavily investing in bring back infrastructure in the U.S.

All of this activity has had a profound effect on the economy. Benefits include swelling investment accounts, dollar repatriation and wage growth. What’s not to like about that?

With the U.S. economic engine running in high gear, how can investors look to capitalize on the Trump economy?

The most obvious one is stocks. Although the bull market has been running for a decade now, there is currently no reason to believe it will reverse course anytime soon. In fact, given the massive tax cuts and the potential for a major infrastructure spending plan, stocks could have quite a bit left in the tank.

Given the current focus, here are a few sectors you can look at in 2018 that has the potential to provide long-term growth.

Raw Materials

You cannot build without the raw materials, and companies in this sector could see a massive boost once an infrastructure plan is passed and wall construction begins. Demand for basic materials such as cement, copper and steel could go through the roof.


The Trump administration will be looking to improve key areas of infrastructure, including roads and bridges. Major players in the construction industry, such as equipment maker Caterpillar, (CAT), could potentially see significant growth.


The Trump administration has already started to make good on another key campaign promise of loosening excessive, and sometimes unnecessary regulation.Not only that, but interest rates are set to continue rising from historically low levels.  This could lead to an increase in lending and bank profits. Banks have already seen their shares move higher, but there could be significantly more upside from current levels. Start by checking out Bank of America (BAC) or Wells Fargo (WFC).


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