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4 Trader Exercises for the Body

By April 10, 2017Trading

Today’s Investing Shortcut is a bit different than the usual, with a focus more on the health of your body, rather than the health of your account. Because one is certainly more important than the other, right?

The point of this article is to share some work out tips, but not to come at you from the position of a guy who is obsessed with working out and has a shredded six pack. I’m just your average guy who is in good shape, and mostly all due to the following four trader exercises I’ve practiced for years.

The mission statement of my company, Real Life Trading is “To Enrich Lives.” Our focus is not only on trading, but on life and its beauty and simplicity! Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend with me and I hope this meets a need and in turn enriches your life!

  1. The Seated Leg Lift
    This is simple and can be done anywhere, doesn’t look awkward and is effective! From a seated position, simply lift from the hip and raise your feet off the ground. Boom! One step simple. That’s my kind of workout. You can even do this while driving. On a long journey put the cruise control on so you don’t have to hold the gas pedal down and lift! For some of you this will be easy, especially for the first ten or so. Honestly, after you do 100 you will feel it. My suggestion is to do 20 repetitions your first time and increase by one every day you’re in the office. This exercise cuts down on productivity by the whopping number of zero. You can continue to type or talk on the phone while doing this exercise. It’s a great way to target those mischievous lower abs.
  2. The Palm Push 
    As with the seated leg lift, simplicity is the key. Press the palms of your hands together and push. This works with your arms at any angle you choose. I suggest starting with your hands as far away from your body as possible. What you are doing in this exercise is creating resistance. You are literally pushing against yourself. This is a solid exercise to build chest, forearm and even bicep strength. My suggestion is to do this once a day, preferably for three 30-second sets. The key here? Concentrate and push as hard as you can. You’ll feel this one in seconds, trust me.
  3. Take a Walk
    I don’t really have a cute name for the third exercise. Truthfully, just walk more. If you work in an office, especially one with a huge parking space, don’t drive around wasting time looking for a super close spot. Find an open space and walk. “But Jerremy, I live in Florida and it’s super hot in the summer.” I agree that this is a very valid argument for not wanting to walk. However, don’t be so flipping spoiled and complain about a three-minute walk in the heat before you get to sit down in a cushy chair with air conditioning, Friends. I have one word for you. Africa. Now dress light and walk…
  4. Take the Stairs
    A similar premise to exercise three, if you have stairs in your office building and you can choose to take them or not, take them.

There you go! Four easy workouts anyone can do at any age, with any profession! Keep that body and trading account healthy my friends! Until next time, remember; love life, live life and trade it!

Jerremy Newsome

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