Michael Kimelman Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 143 - Investing Shortcuts

Michael Kimelman Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 143

Welcome everyone! This episode is definitely an interesting one, as you’re about to hear a first-hand account from a person who has been through the ringer in the U.S. justice system.

Today’s guest is Michael Kimelman, a former prop trader and hedge fund manager who served time for insider trading. He talks about the series of events that led to his arrest, what happened during the trial, the revelations of the judge and the harsh reality of life while behind bars.

Once you’re done with this episode and want to find out more, you may be interested in Michael’s new book Confessions of a Wall Street Insider: A Cautionary Tale of Rats, Feds and Banksters.

Without further ado, here’s Michael Kimelman

What’s Covered in This Interview:

  • When Michael changed his career change from being M&A lawyer , Datek Securities, an aggressive speculation at renown proprietary firm, as well as stories of antics that took place.
  • Michael’s memory of the time when FBI agents stormed his home in a raid that happened before dawn, and what shocked him the most when he read the criminal complaint.
  • Why Michael decided to refuse the plea deal offered, the government agenda, and how the trial panned out, and his conviction and ultimate prison sentence.
  • What life was behind bars, including the misconceptions over where white-collar criminals serve time, the incredible amount of corruption and major flaws with the prison system.

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