Interview with Ben Mallah - Chat with Traders Episode 130 - Investing Shortcuts

Interview with Ben Mallah – Chat with Traders Episode 130

Hello everyone, I’m even more excited than usual to share today’s episode with you. This week’s guest isn’t the usual kind of trader I interview with. Instead of trading stocks and bonds, he actually trades real estate. Some may all him a property developer. However, he doesn’t build buildings from scratch. Instead, he purchases distressed places such as hotels, shopping centers and apartment buildings, fixes them up, and sells them at a pretty decent profit.

Ladies and gentlemen, my guest today is Ben Mallah. He came from one of the roughest areas in New York and had pretty tough upbringing. He is definitely a true version of a rags to riches story.

Ben got into real estate as a side hustle in his early 20s while in the military. Thirty years later, he build a real estate empire now worth around $200 million.

I had first found out about Ben when I saw a YouTube series called Life for Sale. After that, I pretty much know that I wanted to get Ben on the podcast.

In case you’re wondering, the YouTube series features Ben’s day to day life. It doesn’t sound interesting, but it really is. If you were like me, after watching the first episode you’d want to binge watch the rest.

You will hear Ben yelling at and talking about someone named “Danny” throughout the episode. Danny is the guy who produces and films the YouTube series. A big thank you for him helping me set this interview up.

Ok, enough with that, let’s get onto the episode. Ben has such an interesting personality, has an inspiring story and is a very honest guy. I hope you enjoy the episode.


What’s Covered in This Interview:

  • How Ben learned street smarts from growing up surrounded by drug dealers, hardcore criminals and pimps.
  • The details of Ben’s very first real estate deal, buying an occupied crack house.
  • Why Ben was willing to take the worst properties on.
  • Ben tells in detail how he exhausted every means he had, by taking on a full plate by getting his hands on anything he could so that he could make a lot of money.
  • How Ben sniffs out good deals, takes advantage of the tax system and becoming a true real estate mogul.

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