Alex, @TAGRtrades Interview - Chat With Traders Episode 157 - Investing Shortcuts

Alex, @TAGRtrades Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 157

Welcome everyone, it’s Aaron Fifield here. Welcome to the Chat With Traders Podcast.

Before we dive into talk about my guest on today’s episode, I wanted to share something cool with you. It’s probably most relevant to the folks in Sydney. I’m putting together a Chat With Traders drinks/get together in Sunday, February 11th. As I’m recording this, I’ve yet to confirm a location, but it’ll definitely be somewhere around the city.

If you happen to be in the area and don’t have any plans for Sunday, February 11th, I’d love to see you there. It’d also be a great opportunity to meet other traders. To find out more information and RSVP for the event, please visit

Now that’s done, let me introduce you to my guest who I featured last year on episode 119. His name is Alex, also known as @TAGRtrades on Twitter. When he was first on the show back in April 2017, he was just starting out as a full-time day trader. Since quitting a secure job a few years ago, he’s really stepped it up a notch. In fact, he finished out 2017 with a 1,400% compounded return with almost zero drawn. Yes it sounds totally crazy saying this out loud.

Throughout this episode, you’ll hear Alex and and I talking about his performance in 2017. He also talks about his strategy, from entries, to scanning to managing positions.

I really think Alex is a great guy and a role model for upcoming traders, particularly those who trade equities on a short time frame.

Please enjoy today’s episode.


What’s Covered in This Interview:

  • How Alex was able to capitalize on his experience during the blockchain mania, as well as how he prepared.
  • How preparation, experience and blockchain fever generated the perfect storm, turning it into a highly profitable month for trading.
  • How experience, preparation and blockchain mania created the perfect storm—a highly profitable month of trading.

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