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Every week, Aaron Fifield dives deep into the world of trading to extract the how-to's from today's top traders. Subscribe and listen if you want to learn how they went from poor results, to achieving consistency and profitability.

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Aaron Fifield is a developing trader, and host of the Chat With Traders podcast. Each week his interviews with successful traders and financial thought-leaders are listened to by thousands. On the trading front, Aaron is learning how to code and is pursuing algorithmic trading systems.

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Below, you will find interviews with real traders who have cracked the code to profitability. Subscribe and listen to join the conversation.

Interview With BTCVIX – Chat with Traders Episode 134

 Welcome! This is Aaron Fifield and I appreciate you tuning to another episode of Chat With Traders. I have a returning guest who was first with me on episode 53. His name is unknown, but he goes by the pseudonym BTCVIX. It was episode 53 that was the very first time I talked about Bitcoin […]

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Interview With James King – Chat with Traders Episode 133

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great week. This is episode 133 and I want to introduce you to today’s guest, James King. He used to work for the London firm Mandara Capital as the Performance Director. At this position he used techniques he learned from his degree in Applied Sports Science and Performance […]

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Interview with Mark Gardner – Chat With Traders Episode 132

With me on today’s episode of Chat With Traders is Mark Gardner. He worked in the field straight out of high school, at 17 years old. He started out doing back office duties before working on the floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange, or SFE. Afterwards, he was hired to work for a huge Bank […]

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Interview with Morgan Slade – Chat with Traders Episode 131

If you are a regular listener, you’ll remember that I actually had Andy Kershner on a few podcast episodes ago. Close to the end of that interview, he briefly talked about CloudQuant, a cloud based alfo development platform and fun, a subsidiary of Kershner Trading Group. Well, I couldn’t have timed it better myself, but […]

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Interview with Ben Mallah – Chat with Traders Episode 130

Hello everyone, I’m even more excited than usual to share today’s episode with you. This week’s guest isn’t the usual kind of trader I interview with. Instead of trading stocks and bonds, he actually trades real estate. Some may all him a property developer. However, he doesn’t build buildings from scratch. Instead, he purchases distressed […]

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