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5 Top Options Posts from Investing Shortcuts

By March 6, 2017Options

We know that at Investing Shortcuts, there’s no shortage of great tips and tricks to help you with creating wealth. We also know that with the amount of tips we offer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and hard to know where to start.

We’ve compiled our 5 top options posts to give you the edge when trading options.

1) [Cheat Sheet] Option Strategy Risk and Break Even Guidelines

Options have many advantages, including reducing cost and risk while potentially increasing investment return. But how do you know the best strategy to use for your needs?

Lucky for you, there’s a simple way to help you objectively contemplate and compare disciplined trading candidates.

Check out this post for a quick cheat sheet to help you.

2) Three Ways To Sell Overpriced Options

When it comes to trading options, the pros know that option trading is really about trading volatility more than anything else. You need to know how to determine whether or not an option is relatively expensive, cheap or near fair theoretical value.

This post will focus on three ways to sell over inflated option premiums.

3) Can an Options Trader Slow Down Time?

The bane of the trader who buys options is the passage of time. He knows that every day his position is moving closer to expiration, the day after which the option ceases to exist. All of the time he paid for upfront, will be gone. And if the option is not in-the-money, so will the rest of his investment.

This post will focus on how a trader can slow down time on a long option position.

4) Pre-Earnings Options Strategy

How many times have you thought to yourself that a BIG stock move is coming and the earnings announcement is going to be the price catalyst?

What if someone told you that there was a simple low-cost strategy with a twist that can position you for both a breakout or breakdown move with limited risk?

No, it’s not too good to be true.

This post shows you an actual strategy you can use and it’s something experts use daily.

5) How Much Should You Spend on an Option?

Long options can provide investors with a limited risk way to utilize leverage. While buying options can be an extremely useful tool in the trader’s toolbox, long options can also provide a way to lose money quickly. One of the issues that many novice traders seem to struggle with is how much capital to commit to a speculative long options position.

This post offers two general guidelines to help you determine how much you should spend on an option, using either the 2% rule of the 4:1 rule.

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