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Exclusive Interview with the Rich Options Jerk

By July 19, 2017Options

Not every day do you get the chance to sit down with a 34-year options industry veteran who was a major contributor to an important book on options by the CBOE and published by Dow Jones. Not only that, but ended up teaching options at the Options Insitute of the CBOE whilst being featured in Barrons, Investor’s Business Daily, and FNN.

I’m here to say, that’s exactly what I did and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

You can watch me interview Elliot Katz, the creator, instructor and coach for the Rich Options Jerk himself right here in this 54-minute long interview.


Elliot’s experience in trading and coaching has exposed him to options trading “secrets” that 99% of public options traders don’t know. Here’s a little bit about Elliot:

For starters, his dad, Alvin Katz, was a former stock trader on the floor of the NYSE for many years. He was highly respected member and in 1998 retired from the floor with a standing ovation.

Here’s Elliot’s dad ringing the bell on his last day there:


When Elliot first started trading options in 1983, there was no Think or Swim platform. No fancy options software, no options newsletter or even industry gurus. In fact, the Wall Street Journal would list the prices of options in the newspaper and that’s how most traders learned about the market. Can you imagine trading from information you get from a single newspaper article?

Despite this limitation, he ended up doing quite well. So much so that he was asked to train other public and professional investors and traders at the CBOE’s Options Institute while he was still in his 20s.

Options are a zero sum game. This means every time you lose on an options trade, someone is making money from you.

Over the years, the Rich Options Jerk earned this name because he’s become known as someone who, somehow, has consistently been on the winning side of options trades.

Elliot created and became the instructor and coach for the Rich Options Jerk Training Program because he is passionate about teaching people how options really work – providing them with the knowledge, tools and coaching they need to begin to move from more losing trades to more winning trades. He believes now is the best time in his entire career for people to learn how to trade options.

“Never before has an options trader had access to so many tools and places for information than right now. Today’s stock market is rich with options trades and it’s my turn to help people find them the right way.”  – Elliot Katz instructor and coach for the Rich Options Jerk

Watch this interview to discover Elliot’s story and find out why he is so passionate about making a difference in the lives of his students. You’ll also learn about his new course he is launching that is destined to become a new, revolutionary addition to the options education and trading industry.

While you’re at it, as a thank you for being an Investing Shortcuts reader, he’s offering a free webinar showing you his most successful options trading strategies. You’ll learn how you can drastically improve your options trading in 7 days or less.

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