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New to Investing Podcasts? Check These 5 Out

By March 12, 2018Investing

Podcasts are a great way to digest information on the go. Whether you like to listen to something fun on your morning commute, while exercising or washing the dishes, investing podcasts can make your day that much more productive. If you constantly find yourself short on time to read the latest investing tips and tricks, a podcast may be the answer for you.

Don’t know what a podcast is? Basically, think of a podcast like radio on demand. You can find it on your computer, phone or tablet. There are different podcast directories (like iTunes and Google Play) where you can search for a person or topic. These “radio shows” can last anywhere from 15 minutes over an hour. To listen to these on the go, there are many apps you can download. For Android, just do a search, and there’s your podcast app if you’re on an iPhone.

Here are some podcast, in no particular you need to check out today.

The Index Investing Show

Hosted by Ron DeLegge, he chats mainly about index investing. He mixes between interviews and solo shows, talking about stock market news, education and about the state of the economy. There are no specific stock tips, but there are topics talking about the overall market, such as ETFs.

Trend Following with Michael Covel

Michael Covel, the host of this podcast is the founder of Trend Following, a privately owned research firm. In this podcast he shares specific insights into finance and macro-economic views. This weekly podcast also sometimes features interviews to help explain some of these tough to tackle topics.

InvestTalk Podcast

Hosted by Steve Peasley, this is a daily podcast that is about 45 minutes long. He covers topics like socially responsible investing, bonds, mutual funds and REITs. Sometimes he even dives into specific stocks if that’s up your alley.

Cashflow Diary

This podcast mostly talks about generating cash flow instead of just investing and stocks. You can listen to topics about real estate, building businesses and investing. They tend to be longer, but they’re meaty topics and worth your time.

Motley Fool Money

This podcast is syndicated on radio stations around the U.S., run by the team at Motley Fool. It’s more polished than some of the other podcasts out there, but the topics are very similar. They feature interviews with authors and business leaders and market insights. They also chat about stock tips. If you like their blogs, you’ll love this podcast.

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