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5 Investing Podcasts You Need to Check Out Today

I get it. It’s hard to find the time to sit down and read blog posts or books to about how to become a better trader. Even though aims to have easily digestible information for you, there are times when listening to advice is much better, like when commuting to work or on your morning stroll.

Enter podcasts to the rescue. They’re great for on the go and feature some of the best minds out there. Some of these podcasts are fairly short, maybe a half hour or so. No excuses on not learning more about investing!

So go ahead and check out these five podcasts and start learning.

The Investing Podcast

You’ll find it surprisingly practical for a podcast whose slogan is ‘We study billionaires’. Beneath the bravado of ‘The Investing Podcast’ is a down-to-earth commitment to market fundamentals. Each episode features expert guests in a round table discussion of ideas endorsed by Forbes’ A-listers. Whether you want to retire to a yacht or a pontoon, this podcast has something for you.


The Disciplined Investor

Host Andrew Horowitz delivers a radio-quality podcast without the partisan radio punditry. The result is a program that casts issues like China, Russia, Greece, and the price of gold and oil in a refreshingly useful light. An avid preacher of strategy, Horowitz equips his listeners to approach today’s trade issues with level-headed discipline.


Options Alpha Trading

Host Kirk Du Plessis wants to be your trading mentor. There’s a lot of people who want to learn from him seeing as he has one of the fastest-growing podcasts on iTunes. The Options Alpha podcast feels like a one-on-one conversation between you and your financial planner. Difficult concepts are explained in-depth, and the promise of earnings shares equal billing with the importance of investment protection. People who are looking to get rich quick maytire of Du Plessis’ fundamental approach and technical jargon, but for the thoughtful investor there’s no better place on the web for options advice.


Futures Radio

Futures Radio is a sprint, not a marathon. Anthony Crudele hosts a 10-minute, no-nonsense podcast that delivers expert analysis on a wide range of issues affecting the futures market, meaning you can take in a couple of episodes on your morning commute.  Capitalizing on CME’s far-reaching network, Crudele brings an impressive line-up of experts and analysts to the show each week.


The Real Estate Guys

This podcast is one of my guilty pleasures. The Real Estate Guys are self-proclaimed journalists who ‘like to talk real estate’. On this podcast the punditry outweighs the practical advice (and there are more than a few pie-in-the-sky ads for tropical real estate ventures) but with a weekly lineup of all-star guests and a range of topics pulled straight from the news, it’s hard not to enjoy this podcast. Seriously.


Chat With Traders

Ok, here’s a bonus podcast for you. I love this investing podcast so much we convinced Aaron Fifield, the host to let us feature his episodes on our website. Every week, Aaron interviews with some of the best and most successful traders. They offer unique advice and really interesting stories making it for an entertaining hour.

About the Contributor Jeremy Blossom

Jeremy Blossom has been building ideas to grow businesses for more than 15 years. For over a decade Jeremy was active in the financial industry and his understanding of the financial sector is vast and deep. Under his leadership, he delivers result-focused strategies and executions that are designed to do one thing: make clients more profitable.

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