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Every week, Aaron Fifield dives deep into the world of trading to extract the how-to's from today's top traders. Subscribe and listen if you want to learn how they went from poor results, to achieving consistency and profitability.

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Aaron Fifield is a developing trader, and host of the Chat With Traders podcast. Each week his interviews with successful traders and financial thought-leaders are listened to by thousands. On the trading front, Aaron is learning how to code and is pursuing algorithmic trading systems.

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Below, you will find interviews with real traders who have cracked the code to profitability. Subscribe and listen to join the conversation.

Rick Lane Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 151

Welcome boys and girls! I hope you got a chance to listen to the last two episodes with Aaron Brown. He was really great guest in my opinion and someone you should definitely learn from. I also have another brilliant guest on this episode. His name is Rick Lane, CEO of Trading Technologies. Yes, Trading […]

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Aaron Brown Interview Part Two – Chat With Traders Episode 150

  Hello team, welcome to another episode of Chat With Traders. If you weren’t around last week, this is the second part of my interview with Aaron Brown. Dare I say this part of the interview may be better than the first part.   Don’t worry if you missed last week’s part one. You’re not […]

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John Grady Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 148

Hello everyone, it’s nice of you to join me for episode 148 with John Grady. He’s an independent futures trader and primarily does Treasury bonds. Think of him as a scalper, where his trading is purely discretionary. In other words, it’s based on his read of order flow. I asked John to join me on […]

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Thomas Starke Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 147

Hello everyone, how’s it going? Let’s get started on episode 147 today with my honored guest Dr. Thomas Starke. He has a PhD in Physics. His long list of credentials include lecturing at the University of Oxford, designing microchips and working as an engineer for Rolls Royce.  He then applied his experience and knowledge of […]

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Interview With Ryan Moffett– Chat With Traders Episode 146

Welcome to the podcast! I released my first episode ever without a guest. Don’t worry, I’m definitely making up for it this week. On this episode, I have three traders with me today.  All of them are from Blackpier Capital, a data-driven, options trading and performance based fund. If you’ve been around since the middle […]

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