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Every week, Aaron Fifield dives deep into the world of trading to extract the how-to's from today's top traders. Subscribe and listen if you want to learn how they went from poor results, to achieving consistency and profitability.

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Aaron Fifield is a developing trader, and host of the Chat With Traders podcast. Each week his interviews with successful traders and financial thought-leaders are listened to by thousands. On the trading front, Aaron is learning how to code and is pursuing algorithmic trading systems.

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Below, you will find interviews with real traders who have cracked the code to profitability. Subscribe and listen to join the conversation.

Interview With Phil Goedeker – Chat With Traders Episode 158

  How’s it going everyone? This is episode 158 of Chat With Traders and my name is Aaron Fifield. Let’s get to it. You’re going to hear from Phil Goedeker, the trader better known on Twitter as @OzarkTrades. Phil has been a stock trader for around 15 years. He started very in young when he […]

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Michael Katz Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 156

Welcome to another episode of Chat With Traders. Today, I have Michael Katz with me. He’s the managing partner Seven Points Capital, a New York prop trading firm, Seven Points Capital. He’s also an active day trader. Mike and Seven Points Capital are large volume participants in the equity markets in the U.S. They also […]

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Interview with Anthony Saliba – Chat With Traders Episode 155

One of the original Market Wizards, Anthony Saliba, was first on episode 107. That episode, we mostly chatted about his life as a trader and other related topics. However, we didn’t get to talk too much in depth about his live as an investor and a parallel entrepreneur. I decided to reach out to Anthony […]

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Interview With Andreas Koukorinis- Chat With Traders Episode 154

Hey team, welcome to episode 154. Coming up on today’s episode is a chat with Andreas Koukorinis. Andreas is based in London and co-founded Stratagem Technologies in 2013, which is a FinTech company that uses AI and machine learning to trade sports as a financial product. They’re primarily football, tennis and basketball. However, Andreas’ roots […]

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Xiao Qiao Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 153

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well. Once again, welcome to the Chat With Traders podcast. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Xiao Qiao at Quantcon in New York City this year. He’s a research analyst focused on trading commodity futures for a Connecticut-based hedge fund. Before this point, he finished a […]

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