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Every week, Aaron Fifield dives deep into the world of trading to extract the how-to's from today's top traders. Subscribe and listen if you want to learn how they went from poor results, to achieving consistency and profitability.

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Aaron Fifield is a developing trader, and host of the Chat With Traders podcast. Each week his interviews with successful traders and financial thought-leaders are listened to by thousands. On the trading front, Aaron is learning how to code and is pursuing algorithmic trading systems.

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Below, you will find interviews with real traders who have cracked the code to profitability. Subscribe and listen to join the conversation.

Jimmy Soni Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 140

Welcome everyone! I have a feeling that this week’s episode may have brought a few first-time listeners. If that’s you, I appreciate you being here. I’m Aaron Fifield, your host for this podcast. Today’s guest is Jimmy Soni. He along with his co-author Rob Goodman just released a book about Claude Shannon’s life, called A […]

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Bobby Cho Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 139

Welcome everyone, it’s Aaron Fifield and I’m glad you’re here. Before I tell you who my guest is on this week’s episode, I wanted to let you that I’m hosting a live podcast down in Sydney. It’ll be on August 29th, a Tuesday. If you happen to be in the area, I’d love to see […]

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Kevin Muir Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 138

How are you all doing, traders, investors and hustlers? This week’s guest is Kevin Muir. I first knew of him from my friend Ari Pine. Initially I resisted, but I was open to a chat after Ari spoke to me. Kevin works for RBC Dominion Securities as a derivatives trader in the 90s. But for […]

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Dr. William Ziemba Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 137

Hello everyone, what’s up? I’m Aaron and welcome to another episode of Chat With Traders. I’ve got a very interesting character to present to you for this episode. This gentleman’s name is Dr. William Ziemba. Dr. Ziemba is a gambler, trader, an academic, a practitioner, and an author of numerous books. He’s also consulted and […]

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Mike Agne Interview – Chat With Traders Episode 136

How are you doing folks? It’s Aaron Fifield here. I’m very excited to share today’s episode with you. Before we get to that, I have some news I’m pretty excited to share with you. I’ve released a range of Chat With Traders merchandise. You can check it our over at I currently have five […]

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