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Hack Cash Secured Puts

Here’s a Hack to Cash Secured Puts

Your favorite stock just dropped 8% and you want in, but you’re nervous it could dip even lower over the next few days. What do you do? Sell a cash secured put. It’s a way to own a stock you want to own, but at a price much lower than you expected to own it […]

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guide to the iron condor

A Quick Guide to the Iron Condor

The iron condor is one of the most popular options strategies among retail investors. This four legged option spread got its name from the condor bird and is symbolic of the position’s wings. An iron condor can help you profit from a sideways or range-bound market. This position can also potentially profit from a decline […]

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Mystery of the Backspread Unveiled

The Mystery of the Backspread Unveiled

The backspread is one of the more mysterious option strategies you can use to give you your desired exposure. While this strategy may seem confusing at first, once broken down, it’s simply the sale of a call spread with the purchase of an additional long call. Ideally, you’d initiate this for a minimal debit or […]

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guide to cash secured put writing

A Simple Guide to Cash Secured Put Writing

It’s no secret that options can be an extremely versatile and useful tool when used by themselves or in conjunction with an existing stock position. The cash secured put writing strategy uses put options as a vehicle for generating income from stocks you want to own a certain price. It may make better use of investment capital […]

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how to spot volatility

How to Spot Volatility Opportunity in 30 Seconds

Investors and traders typically want price movement. A stagnant market doesn’t offer as many opportunities to profit with tight price ranges. Volatility is opportunity, pure and simple. As a market moves, the window expands to capture a piece of it. The buy-the-dip mentality of the past few years has conditioned some to load up on calls […]

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