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A No Brainer Guide To Fundamentals

A No Brainer Guide to Fundamentals

An old Peter Lynch adage for investing is, “Invest in what you know.”  The renowned Fidelity investor and manager of the largest mutual fund of its time, Magellan used this principle as a starting point to help individual investors find undervalued stocks. His approach from decades ago was developed out the necessity for investors that […]

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how to get the best deals on silver coins

How to Get the Best Deals on Silver Coins

Whether you already own precious metals or you have decided to start building a precious metals portfolio, getting the best deals on silver coins is a great way to maximize your wealth generating strategy. While it does come with its fair share of risks, having a tangible asset is a great way to not only build wealth, but […]

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how to construct a basic risk reversal

How to Construct A Basic Risk Reversal

Instead of buying outright calls or puts, institutional traders might use a basic risk reversal, which is a mix of both calls and puts to structure a position. A basic risk reversal, however, has significantly more risk that simply buying long calls.  It’s a hedge strategy that can protect price movements, but it limits the […]

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learning to lose like a pro

Learning to Lose like a Pro

Any way you slice it, losing is part of trading. A big part. If you do not learn how to lose, you are not going to be in the game for very long. There are two ways to lose on a trade: Lose like a loser, or lose like a professional Which do you think you’d prefer? […]

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When You Need to Consider a Stock Substitution Strategy

Have you ever looked at a stock to buy and were really excited about it, but hesitated because you thought it also could just as easily go down? If so, consider using an option instead of buying or shorting the stock. Using a Call or Put One of the most basic option strategies utilizes a call […]

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