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learning to lose like a pro

Learning to Lose like a Pro

Any way you slice it, losing is part of trading. A big part. If you do not learn how to lose, you are not going to be in the game for very long. There are two ways to lose on a trade: Lose like a loser, or lose like a professional Which do you think you’d prefer? […]

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When You Need to Consider a Stock Substitution Strategy

Have you ever looked at a stock to buy and were really excited about it, but hesitated because you thought it also could just as easily go down? If so, consider using an option instead of buying or shorting the stock. Using a Call or Put One of the most basic option strategies utilizes a call […]

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manage risk management

3 Simple Ways to Manage Risk Management

Ask any successful trader or investor and they will almost certainly tell you that a solid understanding of risk management has been the key to their success. Not only that, but developing a simple plan then can implement consistently. This simple three point plan will get you on the right track to help you hone and […]

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3 Foundations of Technical Analysis Simplified

A fantastic analogy below  from Investopedia describes the differences between Fundamental and Technical investment data. They are two separate approaches to evaluating the markets for both identifying opportunities and managing positions. In a shopping mall, a fundamental analyst would go to each store, study the product that was being sold, and then decide whether to […]

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We’ve Broken Down a Trading Plan For You

All investment plans can be broken down into these simple components. Any strategy and time duration of investment fits within these disciplined evaluations: 1) Identify High Probability Candidates 2) Execute with Proper Risk Control 3) Manage Position 4) Maximize Trend The process of identifying investment candidates has one goal in mind: raise the probability of […]

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