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What is Fair Trade Value?

One of the advantages of the futures markets is the opportunity to trade at nearly 24 hours. Global inputs or news outside of normal stock market hours can be digested immediately in the highly traded stock index contracts on the S&P 500, Dow Jones and the Nasdaq 100 tech measure. Think about it: a trading day […]

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Do You Have Enough Time or Money to Be Right

Do You Have Enough Time or Money to Be Right?

There is only one way to never be wrong: hold on until you win.  The financial cost and mental anguish are too expensive for investors to not take a loss with the exception of a rare few. Remember the market is never wrong. Physical goods like commodities have finite supply. Though emotion and greed drive […]

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Here’s the Exact Moment When To Take Profit in Your Trades

Getting yourself in the position to take profit is the goal for investors and the major reason to trade the markets. Often, significant effort has been exerted in the selection and execution process for investing. The culmination of the research and planning phases can be rewarded by a profitable outcome. Many traders find it very […]

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Profit Exit Plans Just For You

Advanced Profit Exit Plans Just For You

The entrance into investing is almost the same for many people. The selection of vehicles for IRAs and 401ks is often the beginning of understanding the investment process. Because the goal for growth is long term, many participants are disciplined with their regular contributions and are less prone to trading activity to time the markets. […]

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how to spot volatility

How to Spot Volatility Opportunity in 30 Seconds

Investors and traders typically want price movement. A stagnant market doesn’t offer as many opportunities to profit with tight price ranges. Volatility is opportunity, pure and simple. As a market moves, the window expands to capture a piece of it. The buy-the-dip mentality of the past few years has conditioned some to load up on calls […]

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