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Investing Shortcuts - 9 Trading Tips to Increase Your Profits

9 Trading Tips to Increase Your Profits

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Tip #1: Let your winners run. To stretch your trading profits, you must avoid the natural tendency to take small profits. To make more money, you have to be willing to scratch some trades and take small losses to get…
options trader

Become a Better Options Trader

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Quick Tips To Becoming a Better Options Trader Many of the tips that I’m sharing with you today come from over 20 years of trading experience. Remember, there’s no correlation between complex concepts and profitability; and I urge all of…
Investing Shortcuts - Don't Fight the Fed

Don’t Fight the Fed

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Typically, I don't pay attention to stock market maxims; in fact, these phrases are one of my biggest pet peeves. But the adage of “don’t fight the Fed” is one that I do pay close attention to, especially right now.…

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Learn how to trade weekly options like never before. Trading extraordinaire and options veteran, Jerremy Newsome teaches step by step ways to make money using weekly options.


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