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How to Interpret Market News

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A central marketplace determines fair price from all of the information known by trading participants. The discovery mechanism of the outcry auction markets efficiently determine the equilibrium price based on the information and actions of the buyers and sellers. Investors can…
Female Trader podcasts

4 Podcast Episodes Featuring Female Traders

| Chat With Traders Podcast | No Comments
While the trading scene has a lot of men, but there are also a lot of great women you can definitely learn from. So ladies (even gentlemen as well, you're definitely welcome), make sure you listen to these episodes to…

Chaos! …Your Broker Loves It

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“It’s like traders have an acute case of Attention Deficit Disorder,” my friend Rob said last weekend. “They can’t focus on any one thing for more than a day or two. But they’re buying and selling as quickly as possible…

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